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My enchanting trip to Mallorca

Day 1 - Arriving in Mallorca

On the 24th of August I went to Mallorca together with my boyfriend Julian. It was the first time for me to travel by airplane without my parents, and it was Julian's first time to ever travel with an airplane, so that was really exciting! We were a bit nervous because we had to take so many papers with us due to covid-19 but everything went really smoothly after we arrived at the airport and we had no reason to be nervous. 

I really loved watching Julian fly for the first time. I was not even one year old when I traveled by plane for the first time so for me it's not something that I'm nervous about and it feels really normal for me, so it was good to realize that this isn't something that's normal for everybody and that there are many people that have never traveled by plane before!

We had to take a bus to our hotel and it took more than 3 hours to arrive at the city that we were staying in, called Cala Ratjada. It was already pretty late and we were very tired but we still went out to do some grocery shopping and we went to drink a lovely cocktail. Julian went for the 750 ml cocktail, while we only had half an hour left to finish our drinks due to the early closing time, that they had to maintain because of covid-19. He expected it to mainly be filled with ice since that's what they do in the Netherlands, but when we got the cocktails we noticed that it barely contained any ice and that they are very generous with alcohol in Mallorca. He became pretty tipsy that night haha! 

Day 2- Exploring Cala Ratjada

The next day we decided to go for a swim in the pool from the hotel. It was very cloudy and the water was extremely cold! We were the only people in the whole hotel that entered the water that day. We only swam in it for a couple of minutes, and took some lovely pictures. Then we decided that we wanted to explore the little town that we were in, and that we wanted to go for a lunch somewhere.

Our hotel was only five minutes by foot away from the sea, and the sea was totally enchanting! It was extremely blue and very clear. My boyfriend hadn't seen the sea in years until this spring, when we visited the beach in the Netherlands together. He was totally amazed by how pretty the sea in Mallorca looked, and so was I. We took some lovely pictures with the sun shining bright and had a very good lunch. I also saw a little lizard! I was sad that Julian didn't see it since he had never seen one in the wild before.

When we went back to the hotel we wanted to go for a swim again, since it had been very hot while we were walking around the town. But the moment we arrived at the pool everything became very cloudy and cold again, so we were extremely unlucky and had a laugh about how unlucky we were. We decided to take a short nap before going out that night.

I dressed up very nicely for dinner on the first night. We had some dinner at a very busy place, and had an ocean view. The view was lovely but they didn't had much food that I could choose from, since I'm allergic to cow milk. The only thing that I was able to eat was a poke bowl. I love poke bowls, but the combination was very weird so I didn't eat that much of it. The moon shined extremely bright that night and was reflected very nicely in the ocean, and it looked amazing! I don't think that I'll ever forget that view.

Day 3- Swimming in the ocean

The next day we decided to go to the beach. We took a very long walk through the mountains not knowing that there was a way faster route near the ocean, but the nature in on the mountain looked very nice. The beach was pretty crowded, but I noticed that there were a view people behind some rocks. I walked through the sea to the other side of the rocks and saw a deserted shore with only 8 people on it! We packed our stuff and hiked through the sea, and found a lovely place to lay down.

The ocean felt very nice and wasn't cold at all! Normally I don't enjoy swimming in the ocean because I'm afraid of stepping on fish, but I totally loved it here! I floated and played around in the water and didn't have any stress or worries. When we came back on the shore I saw a cat walking around on the beach. I already noticed a weird smell before that I couldn't place. Now I realized that that cat probably used the abandoned shore as his personal litter box! I died laughing from that realization. We took a short nap on the beach before deciding to go back to the hotel room.

This time we took the normal route with the ocean view. We took some nice pictures here, and saw some people cliff diving! It looked a bit dangerous so we decided not to try it ourselves. We also found an abandoned bunker. I managed to persuade my boyfriend into going in the bunker together, and we were met with an amazing ocean view from inside the bunker. I love to go urban exploring in my free time, so this abandoned bunker was a nice surprise! We also saw some little crabs walking around the bunker.

That evening I ate some carpaccio with truffles and a hamburger. I was craving the hamburger, and we had to search a good amount of time to find one that didn't contain any milk. The carpaccio was delicious, and it was the first time that I ate truffles. Truffles have a strong but very good flavor. The burger was also nice, but very big. 

Day 4- Taking some rest

I woke up and felt extremely sick. I was very sad since we planned to go to Palma that day. We didn't go to Palma and I took a self test but it was negative. My voice was completely gone and breathing hurt a lot. I also felt very tired. The lunch however was really nice. We found a restaurant with a vegan menu and I ate some quinoa. I never had it before but it was delicious! We decided to go back to the hotel afterwards and I slept the whole afternoon. I only woke up at six o'clock. We went for some sushi which tasted amazing, and afterwards we decided to go back to the hotel. I collapsed on the bed because my body was so tired.

Day 5- Going on a shopping spree

The moment I woke up I felt better and more energetic again! We were supposed to go on a boat tour that day but it got canceled because there was too much wind, so it wasn't safe anymore. We decided to still make it a nice day and we took a cab to Manacor. We had the best lunch I ever had. I ordered a tuna sandwich and I have never had a sandwich that tasted that good before. I normally don't even like tuna! We wanted to go shopping in Manacor but figured out that the shops weren't going to open that day and took a cab to Cala Millor. 

Cala Millor had an amazing amount of shops. and was very lively. We decided to eat some Mc Donalds for dinner, since I love trying out the menus of different countries. We had a great time shopping, and I bought a lot of stuff! We also came across an arcade hall. I won some tickets but not enough to win a price. We decided to give the tickets to a little kid that was playing some games so that he could win a price. It was unfortunate that the boat trip got canceled but I enjoyed the cities a lot! 

Day 6- Flying back to the Netherlands

We had to wake up pretty early since this was the day that we had to fly back. We were very sad that we had to leave, but I was also excited since this meant the start of a new chapter in my life. I started college the day after we came back! I'm studying applied psychology and this has been my dream ever since I was fourteen years old. I'm really happy that I can finally make my dream a reality. 

We arrived at the gate and we got offered to get two extra days in Palma that would be payed by our flight company. I was really tempted and it sounded amazing, but the truth was that they didn't have any room for thirty people that were supposed to go on the plane. We were very lucky to not be a part of those thirty people, since my grandpa died a day after I got back. I visited him immediately after arriving in the Netherlands. He was in a very bad shape but he still saw me before he died, and I could tell him that everything would be alright. The next day he passed away. My grandma thinks that my grandpa waited for me to come back from Mallorca before he passed away. 

Looking back on my vacation

The vacation was amazing and I couldn't have wished for a better one. I got some very sad news when I came back, but I'm also grateful that I could visit my grandpa a day before he passed away. The vacation recharged me with a lot of positive energy and I'm going to use that in this next chapter of my life! 

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