Mitchi's Magickalities
Magick is an art; using reality and the world as its canvas.
-Dacha Avelin
Autumn Sale!!

Sale information

I absolutely love autumn and I thought it would be a good moment to host my first sale!!
All items will be 10% off sidewide! So if you're having your eye on something now is the right time to buy it!
It was also the right time for me to host the sale since I want to do another shop update soon, and the more I sell right now the bigger my next shop update will be! 🙂

The sale starts on the 30th of September at 00:00 CEST and ends at Oktober the 3th at 23:59 CEST. Make sure to check the times in your own time zone so that you don't miss it or plan your shopping spree on the 1st of 2nd of Oktober.

Every order comes with a little bag with gifts, also during the sale! There are still a few limited quantity gifts left too!
Gift bags may include crystals, incense, candles, fossils, charms etc. All gifts are random.
Every order also comes with a Mitchi's Magickalities button as a little gift.

Have fun shopping everybody!!

10% icon made by Alfredo Hernandez from

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