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Weekly diary post #1
Friday, 15 October 2021
Today I posted my blog post planning and decided to write a weekly diary post. So here it is!
I went to the dentist today, since my tooth was turning gray and hurt quite a lot. I was so afraid to get a root canal treatment, but everybody told me that the dentist would first check it out, and then make a new appointment.
Well they lied! The dentist did the root canal treatment, and I was so scared! I was shaking sooo much. We don't use laughing gas in the Netherlands only anesthesia. Taking the anesthesia hurt a lot. It took like 3 minutes before he pulled the needle out. The rest of the treatment was very easy luckily. It didn't hurt at all!
My tooth was completely death, and the infection was damaging the bone from my skull that's just above the tooth. You could see a hole on the scan he took. It surprised me since I didn't think I was in that much pain, but oh well. Now I have to go back next week or so to fill it completely.

I also got my period yesterday sooo that means that I'm feeling extremely sick. My endometriosis is a bitch, and the pain kept me up all night. I can't really get out of bed, but I took my laptop setup and put it on top of my blanket so I can still work! The anesthesia also made me very nauseous so I'm going to take a lot of rest today. Maybe I'll make a few random tiktoks of stuff, but I'm not going to do anything that requires me to be active.
A good thing is that I did complete some of the tasks that I wanted to do this week today.
Hopefully I feel better tomorrow!

Saturday, 16 October 2021
I woke up today and felt pretty active! I decided to make some pictures of the products, that I'll put in my shop during the coming shop update! I went to the woods and made some amazing pictures of the products there :).
My boyfriend joined me on the adventure but he couldn't really help me, so he just played around with twigs since he had nothing to do. There were also some adorable dogs that ran up to us once in a while. One of them was sooo excited that he wanted to lick my face haha. Taking the pictures took the whole afternoon.
When we walked back I saw some chestnuts. I thought that you could eat those so I told my boyfriend that you can eat them. They were extremely bitter and gross, so I don't think that they were edible. My stomach also started hurting during the car ride home, so I'm actually pretty sure that they weren't edible haha.

Tonight we are going to play some Jeu de Boules with friends from my parents. I think that it's going to be pretty fun! Even though I'm still pretty tired from taking all those pictures, but oh well! Tomorrow I'm probably going to take some rest. Tonight will be the first time in forever that I can go out drinking! It's only open till 00:00, but it's better than nothing!

Sunday, 17 October 2021
Today I was extremely tired. I didn't do very much because of that.
One of my dogs got attacked by a Pitbull like dog yesterday. She got bit in her bootyhole, but my dad acted quickly which resulted in her just having a minor wound. I was pretty shocked and I feel really sad for her. I'm glad that it wasn't anything major since it could have ended really badly.
Jeu de Boules was really fun yesterday, and we went to one of our favorite bars afterwards. It was fun to go out again, even if it was only a few hours.
Today I only played some games. I started playing the game Moonlighter. I totally love it! You are a merchant in the game, and you have to get the things you sell yourself in the dungeon. There are multiple doors, but only the first one is open. The 5th door is a huge mystery, and that's the goal of the merchant since he wants to be a hero. I'm now at the second door in one day.
I really love the gameplay. The fighting and selling aspects are both very good. I really recommend it to people who love dungeon crawlers.

So yeah that's everything I've done for the week!
I really love writing it all down, and looking back on it.
I hope that you guys had a fun week too!!

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