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-Dacha Avelin
Weekly Diary Post #3
Monday, 25 October 2021
Today I woke up and I felt extremely sick. Yesterday evening I was already super sick because of how far I had pushed myself last week. Today it really became clear that I pushed myself way too far.
All my muscles hurt so much and I felt horrible. I've spend the most of the day in bed just laying down and cuddling with my boyfriends dog.
Emotionally things have been too exhausting for me too I noticed. I decided that I need to think of a schedule and stuff so that I'm not 24/7 in a work mindset. I also want to transform our cat's room into a work room. She'll like that a lot because she always wants to sit on my lap while I'm working.
I'm currently working on my webshop fulltime, but since I'm my own boss it's extremely easy to make way too many hours, and to be super hard on myself. I'm currently not writing down my hours and I think I'm working way more on everything than I realize.
This week I'm going to fix that. I'm going to think of a better work schedule and I'm going to give myself some more spare time.
At the bright side, I looked at how many views my site had the last 2 days and I really couldn't believe my eyes! I'm so extremely happy that so many people are visiting my site/shop.
I also received sooo many kind messages and they made me feel so happy and I really feel like all my hard work was more than worth it, even though I haven't sold anything yet during the shop update, it made me feel so positive and I'm certain that that'll change very soon!
I don't think it's that bad that I pushed myself too far. I think that you sometimes have to walk against a wall and rethink the path you're walking. I was walking on a path that'd have let me to a burnout in a long run if my body didn't literally stop me from doing so.
Now that I'm aware of this I can make the change to not overwork myself, but to still achieve things! This is going to make me more happy and successful in the long run 😀
Hopefully I can make a great start at working on this this week!
Tuesday, 26 October 2021
Today I still felt very sick. Yesterday evening I made plans with my parents to work on creating a work room that's currently my cat's room.
My parents already started searching for desks and chairs so that's super sweet of them!
I felt so sick and horrible today and my boyfriend came over to cheer me up. He took me out to have a nice dinner and we ate some poke at our favorite poke restaurant.
I don't really have that much to say about today since I'm just feeling sick and tired overall and I didn't really do that much honestly.
Wednesday, 27 October 2021
Today really was amazing.
My boyfriend and I went out shopping. We were searching for Halloween costumes but we couldn't find any sadly enough.
A lot of kids were playing around in the Halloween sections of stores, and many items were broken because of that.
Shopping still was a lot of fun. I got some tiny tumble stones. We also just had a lot of fun at looking at items.
My boyfriend make sure that I took a lot of rest today and that I took some time for myself to game and I did! 🙂
I played some moonlighter again and it really made me relax. I only ever feel how tired I actually am when I'm relaxing.
I'm glad that I had a day in which I took some more time for myself. I really needed it!
Thursday,28 October 2021
I went shopping again today.
A few days ago I bought some amazing fall decorations, but one of them broke on my way home. I just had to buy a new one since it was only 2 euro's.
We also had some lunch at the MC Donald's and I chose a happy meal. It had a Jurassic Park toy with it and I thought it was adorable. I had heard that the MC Donald's would only include cardboard toys with their happy meals from now on, and I was a bit sceptic in how fun that'd be for kids. I was absolutely pleasantly surprised (my inner teacher's heart loved it).
They included a cardboard puzzle in which you had to make your own cardboard dinosaur figurine. I remember that I absolutely loved those as a kid and if you look at what it does to a child's development it's super useful! The puzzle part stimulates the neurological development since the children have to think about where to place the pieces (even if they're colored) and the building part stimulates a child motoric development since it has many small pieces and requires a child to be very precise.
Old toys used to get thrown away very quickly, but I can even see a child setting one of these figurines in their room, since they might be proud of completing it.
I'm sorry for the complete rant about MC Donald's toys, but I just absolutely had to share my opinion since many parents hated the idea of cardboard toys. I absolutely love that children can choose between a book and a puzzle now, since it's both good for their development and they can actually use it!
I'm going to write my blog post about books of shadows today, and then I'm going to stop working at 8 pm, so that I have some time for myself too.
Friday, Saturday and Sunday
I was verryy busy so I'm writing this at a later time.
We decided to make a work room for me and bought a desk in the weekend.
I cleaned up all the stuff that I had stored on my cats room and decided to turn that into my work room. It was a lottt of work.
On friday we also had a very fun Halloween party! I got recognized from Tiktok and it was a lot of fun!
Can you imagine me cleaning the whole cat room while having a huge hangover? Well I did haha.
I'm a bit sad that I didn't write on the day itself because I remember more when I write on the same day but I was extremely busy.

So this week I've been making a lot of changes in the way that I work and it was so great and productive! I think that I'm going to benefit a lot from this! 😀

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