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-Dacha Avelin
Weekly Diary Post #4
Monday 1 November, 2021
Today I've been working hard on selling a lot of my old stuff.
I also put everything from my webshop in my new work room! I love the room so much!
The desk is so big and I feel really comfortable in the room.
I also started working out! I'm not fit at all so it's time to become fit.
Tuesday 2 November, 2021
Today I've been selling more of my old stuff.
I've worked a total 11 hours on it, this day only! It's worth it though since I am selling things.
I also played a bit of Animal Crossing again.
There isn't much to say about today since I just worked a lot on selling my old things haha.
Wednesday 3 November, 2021
As you can already probably guess, today I'm also selling a lot of my old stuff.
People are picking up the items today and I always get a bit anxious when people come over.
I do absolutely love selling things and making people happy though! 😀
I also have to go to the optician today since I want to get new glasses.
He'll measure my eyesight and then I'll pick out new glasses tomorrow or so.
I'm a bit sad that I'm focusing less on my webshop this week but at the same time I'm very happy that I'm making some money.

I had to get eye drops at the optician so I couldn't see for hours and I wanted to work so badly!
I did receive Paper Mario in the mail today though!!
Thursday 4 November, 2021
Today the Animal Crossing New Horizons update aired!! I absolutely love it.
I haven't played much yet, but I still absolutely love it.
Today we dropped my old stuff that I don't use and can't sell off at the thrift store.
I also bought some cool stuff for my workroom like a trashcan and a box to store my papers in, it sounds very dull when I write it down but I was very excited! 😀
After that I worked some more on selling my old stuff and I designed and business cards!! I am so proud of them and absolutely love them. I can't wait until I receive them.
Now I'm going to take some rest because it's almost 11 pm again, I still have some problems with managing my work time so I really should get that planner that I keep talking about.
Friday 5 November, 2021
Today the Animal Crossing DLC aired and I'm in love once again! I played it A LOT today and I almost cried from happiness (I think it almost might be the time of the month or something, stupid hormones haha).
I also sold my old Ipod and Ipad to a man that bought my very old Samsung phone a few days ago. He gave me a drink and some candy as a thank you gift!! It was so sweet and it really made my day.
He told me that my prices were super cheap and that my old stuff are still amazing quality and that he was going to make a few people extremely happy with them. I think he might do some good charity for poor people so I'm really happy that I could support him this way!
After that I made some spring rolls together with my mom. We always do this once every few months and then we freeze them so that we can eat them whenever we like. She always bakes the ingredients and fries the spring rolls and I roll them up. I absolutely love doing it and I love eating them 😀
Now I'm working until my boyfriend is here. I'm super tired and I think that I might have the flu so I shouldn't do too much today. I did get some awesome view rates on the website today tho! I was so surprised and it made me extremely happy to see you guys reading my blog posts so thank you so much!! 🙂
Saturday 6 November, 2021
Today was super awesome. I went shopping and bought a lot of things. I mainly bought stationary items but I also bought a baret, my Animal Crossing character wears one and it looked good on her so I wanted one too haha.
I also bought Nintendo Online today! If you want to add me as a friend then please do!
My Nintendo code is:
Yesterday I bought Mario and the Rabbits (idk what the game is called so let me just call it that) I haven't played it yet but I'm really excited. I also played some Paper Mario and I absolutely LOVE it! I have to laugh a lot during the game.
Yesterday I saw 9 shooting stars in Animal Crossing and that made me super excited since I've never seen one in the game before. I have seen multiple in real tho! I even saw a meteor in real once and it was super big and bright! I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw it.
I feel extremely chaotic but pretty happy today. I'm starting to feel really tired tho but I'm sooo hyperactive ugh haha.
Besides that I haven't really done a lot actually. I'm going to work a bit right now but I don't want to do too much since I did feel pretty ill the last couple of days and I don't want to overwork myself.
Sunday 7 November, 2021
Today I went to my grandma that lives in another city. I don't see her very often sadly enough, but it's always a lot of fun when I do see her!
She had some Christmas items for me to sell, and I was really grateful!
I Immediately started working when I came home. It took me a few hours to put everything online but I managed to do so!
I sold 6 things right away! I was so happy! At the same time I was very tired, because it was so much work haha. I'm still so happy with my work room. I noticed that my cat absolutely loves me working in her room. She's much more relaxed and she is fighting with me way less.
We used to always have these teen fights that brothers and sisters always have. She got mad at me a lot, and started annoying me what resulted in me getting mad too hahaha.
Now she's chilled out and happy! 😀

I had an amazing week this week, and I'm so grateful! I'm going to make next week just as great as this one or even better 🙂

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