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-Dacha Avelin
Weekly Diary Post #5
Monday 8 November, 2021
Today I worked extremely hard.
I sold a lottt of my old stuff, I even sold my old Pokemon Heartgold with Pokewalker! I never really use it and it's worth a lot, so I decided to sell it.
I also bought a second hand desk chair for 10 euros and it's great! It's a bit wonky, but I don't weight much, so it's probably fine! 😀
I put all my items on Insta/Facebook shopping and probably should have taken a break, since I almost passed out when I was done and stood up. Oops but oh well...
I also had to bring more than 10 packages to the postal service today, and I was super stressed since I only had half an hour left until the postal service would close!! I did make it , but the people from the postal service weren't really happy about me coming in so late with so many items hahaha.
I was extremely tired when I was done with everything, but I'm also happy that I could do so much today!
Tuesday 9 November, 2021
Today I felt extremely sick 🙁
I decided to stay in bed most of the day, since I couldn't really get out of it anyways because of the pain, and play animal crossing!
I want to rearrange my whole island so that's going to take a lot of time! I did make amazing progress today tho.
After diner I decided to do a bit of work again, but I'm not going to do too much today.
I'm going to do a little bit more, and then I'll call it a day.
I did do a name draw for my giveaway on tiktok, and I'm excited to post who the winner is tomorrow!
I'm also going to list my crystal confetti online today.
Wednesday 10 November, 2021
Today I went out lunching with my boyfriend!
We went to a vegan food place since I'm allergic to milk and we had super delicious food there!
I drank an ice coffee but I'm also allergic to soy, so I got an allergic reaction and couldn't eat much because of that 🙁
Afterwards we did shop for a bit, and I bought some nice items from a store in which small businesses are united. I bought some candles and washi tape!
I did work a lot in the evening since there was trouble with my payment method on my webshop, but I didn't overwork myself so that's great!
Thursday 11 November, 2021
So today I woke up and felt sick again. I did get a lot better during the day tho so that was great!
We decided to go to the MC Donalds and I ordered a Happy Meal!
After that my boyfriend had to go home and I kept cuddling him a lot so that he wouldn't be able to leave haha.
I got a mail that my new glasses were ready when he was gone. My dad and I immediately picked them up and I love them so much!
I also made a lot of Tiktoks today and worked on some more stuff.
My new business cards also came in today and I'm so proud of them! All my hard work is finally paying off 😀
I'm excited for when new orders come in so that I can show you guys how much I've improved!
Friday 12 November, 2021
Today was amazing!
I woke up and played some Animal Crossing (ofcourse). While playing I got some mail and one of the orders I placed in the past couple of days came in!
It was a package from Rozeberryshop! I ordered their small business notepad, some stickers and a keychain and I love them all so much!
After that I started working, I'm following a course and I just completed the first part! It's so helpful.
I send out some packages today too.
I'm still going to work a bit more and after that I'll call it a day and hang out with my boyfriend.
My belly started hurting a lot so I'm a bit afraid that I'm going to be sick later or tomorrow because of my Endometriosis 🙁 but that's okay because I did a lot today!!
Saturday 13 November, 2021
Today my new logo stamp came in!! I'm so excited to use it on my orders.
I also send out multiple birthday cards today for some of my friends! I love sending and receiving mail.
I think it's sad that facebook basically replaces birthday and Christmas cards.
I also made a twitter today and updated my LinkedIn! If you want to add me on twitter my user name is @mitchismagickal. I'm really bad at using Twitter to be honest, but I think it'll be a lot of fun once I figure it out!
Yesterday a lot of new restrictions got added because of Covid 🙁 everything has to be closed very early and I think that's a bit sad. I finally started going out again and now I can't anymore. Hopefully everything will open up again soon!
I made some wooden rune stones (and still have to finish them) yesterday! I decided that I want to get a professional wood burner one day. Mine is not good at all, but it's good enough to practice and to start making things with!
I feel like I'm becoming more and more productive lately!
Sunday 14 November, 2021
I had a very productive day today! I made some more wooden rune stones and made a LOT of progress!
I really want to get a professional wood burning machine, if you have any recommendations please leave them behind in the comments.
I also ate a very good vegan pizza with pumpkin on top! I had no idea that pumpkin is that delicious.
Today I also sold the Amiibo of K.K. Slider from Animal Crossing and the person who bought it called him "guitar dog", I'm going to call him guitar dog from now on.
My business planner helps me so much with being productive it's incredible.
This evening I'm going to pick up a second hand jar tray, someone wanted to get rid of it for only 1 euro and I think it looks beautiful.

This week was amazing and I made so much progress at being productive! I'm really thankful for everything that happened this week 😀

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