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The difference between a pentagram and pentacle
When I just started out with witchcraft I had no Idea what the difference between a pentacle and pentagram was. I just named everything a pentagram, but there is a difference. I can imagine that there are more people that don't know the difference and that's why I'm making this post. 🙂
What is a pentagram?
A pentagram is a five pointed star in which every point stands for an element. clockwise the elem ents are spirit, water, fire, earth and air. I'll make a blog post about what all elements mean later. In witchcraft a pentagram is often shown with a point upwards. The downwards pentagram is commonly used in Satanism, but they can also be used in witchcraft. A not so fun, but still fun to know, fact is that until not so long ago (around early 2000) pentagrams were banned in school, because people assumed that they are evil. Luckily they changed that, and now people can wear pentagrams in schools. Pentagrams are far from evil. They actually are symbols of of protection! They symbolise infinity, the binding of the five elements and protection of the self.

Another fun fact is that during early christianity the church actually used pentagrams. It was used to represent the five wounds of Jezus. Later it got replaced by the symbol of the cross. I think it's odd how the church used to use pentagrams themselves, and later declared that they were evil.
What is a pentacle?
A pentacle is a circle with a pentagram inside of it. The meaning of the pentagram stays the same, but the circle adds some more meaning to it. The circle represents the wholeness and unity of the elements and our love for nature. It's often used for protection and to banish negative energies. I personally see pentacles more often than pentagrams.

Since pentacles are symbols of protections you can find pentagrams on everything! jewellery, leggings, shirts, bags, keychains etc. I love wearing pentacles on my clothes, because they give me a sense of protection, and give me a feeling of being grounded.

Many people start their rituals by casting a circle and calling upon all the elements in the form of how they are showed in pentagrams and pentacles. This also shows how pentacles are being used even if they aren't directly visible. Casting circles and calling upon the elements is done to protect yourself during spells and rituals.

There is so much more information that I can share about this topic, but I didn't want to go too much in dept this time. I hope this was very informative, and that you guys know the difference now. I still sometimes call everything pentagrams, which isn't necessarily wrong since pentacles contain pentagrams, but it's important to know the difference 😀

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