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Magick is an art; using reality and the world as its canvas.
-Dacha Avelin
Little update
You probably all have been wondering why I stopped posting my weekly blog posts, and if i will continue making blog posts. The answer to that last question is yes!

I haven't made many blog posts recently since I felt pretty burned out, and making these posts on a regular basis was a bit too much for me to handle at the moment. I've been struggling a lot with my health, because of my Endometriosis, and because of my headaches. That's the reason why I stopped writing the daily diary thing.

I do however want to continue making blog posts, but in a less overwhelming way. I'm thinking about making blog posts with witchcraft tips etc. about once a week (maybe more if I feel up to it). I also want to keep sharing personal experiences, but I will just write posts when something happens that I feel like writing about.
Now you're probably also curious about what I've been working on with my webshop.
The answer to that is that I've been working really hard on improving my pyrography skills. I absolutely love doing it, and I've already listed some rune stones that I made myself!

I've also been working together with the Witch of Yester Years! She started with making Spirit Animal and Zodiac Boxes, and asked me if I wanted to make some products for them. I immediately said yes, and started thinking of something to make. I can't give you guys any spoilers about what I've decided to make, but I can tell you that I loved working on it, and I'm proud of the result!
If you subscribe now you will get your box in January!

I also decided to reopen my Etsy store. I noticed that a lot of people prefer to sell on Etsy, so you can now also order through there. The prices on Etsy are higher because of all the Etsy fees.

So that's all for this little update. I hope that you all have been doing well, and I wish you all a happy holiday season!

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