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My Life With Endometriosis #2
So it's been a while since I've posted something about my Endometriosis, and I still want to write a post in which I tell my story at how I figured out that I had Endometriosis. But I just had to write this little update, since I've got really good news!

I've been struggling with my Endometriosis treatment for a while now. Nothing really helped me reducing my symptoms except for my IUD and very strong painkillers. That's why I began asking my Gynaecologist if I could get surgery, since there is chance that that reduces your symptoms. However she kept saying that I'm too young, and that she was afraid that she'd damage my ovaries, but I kept telling her that I was willing to take that risk! After months I decided to search for another specialist, and I was able to see him begin December.

He told me the same that surgeries have risks, but he also told me that he understood that the risk might be worth it for me since I'm in so much pain. He wanted to talk with my old gynaecologist to hear her opinion. Today I got a call in which he told me that I will get the surgery! He also said that my old gynaecologist agreed with me having the surgery which I found very strange, since I've been asking her for months, but oh well.

The current Corona Crisis is probably going to make the waiting list pretty long, which is sad, but I'm just very grateful to be on the list! I will get a screening the 13th of January to see if there aren't any major risks, and I think I'll get more information by then!

I'm extremely excited (, a bit scared) and grateful!

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