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Magick is an art; using reality and the world as its canvas.
-Dacha Avelin
Behind the Art- The Shunning
I decided to make blog posts about the art I make and the thought process behind them. I do want to say that you're free to give my art your own meaning since it's art, and my art is created to make people feel something.
The Shunning

a little bit about my past with painting
So this painting was actually the first painting that I made in more than 5 years! I used to paint a lot as a kid but stopped when I turned 10 or so. I made a few paintings as school projects, but that's it.
However painting always stayed a part of me. For example, if I made myself in the Sims I always ended up painting haha! I also got the urge to paint a lot, but I was to afraid (?) I think to do so. Until now!

about the visuals
In this painting you can see 3 greyish characters standing together and one character that looks similar, but has some colours shining from within and is standing further away. My meaning behind this is that the three characters locked him out for being different, that's also where the name comes from since they shunned him. I haven't really given it any meaning about how he's different though, since I wanted to make it relatable for everybody that feels misunderstood, judged or locked out.

There are some things that I did have in mind while picking his colours though. The colours are on the inside of the character, and besides the colours the character looks exactly the same. Which represents that the character is only different on the inside. You can pick it up as that he's part of the lgbtq+ community since they are rainbow colours and sadly enough people from the lgbtq+ community still get a lot of hate. It can also stand for people who're neurodiverse, since they also are different from deep within, and they get misunderstood a lot, but like I said before I didn't exactly envision a clear way of him being different except him just being different from the inside, so if you relate because of another reason then that's perfectly okay!

my personal story
I painted this when I was really struggling with my sensitivity to sound, and seizure like symptoms. I later found out that I have a Neurological Functional Disorder, and that made me understand myself a bit more. I also have many pretty rare disorders and I've always felt a bit different from other people. I've always had different interests and different opinions and views on the world. It's not really shocking that I feel misunderstood from time to time.

a message for the people that can relate
If my painting or the story behind it is relatable for you I want to tell you something. There is nothing wrong with you! If people lock you out for being different then they are not worth your kind special heart. There may be people who don't understand you, but there is a difference between the people that want to understand you, but can't, and the people that simply just don't want to understand you. If you ever feel insecure for being different I want you to just look at the painting and remind yourself of this: The person who's different from the inside has so many beautiful colours from within compared to the others that are just bland. You are beautiful and your unique view on the world is something that you shouldn't hide but that you should embrace and share with the world!
There are so many things wrong with this world, and only people who think different than others can change that!

This painting is available here in my webshop. It is the original painting and one of a kind, so there is only one available!

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