Mitchi's Magickalities
Magick is an art; using reality and the world as its canvas.
-Dacha Avelin
Shop Update!!
Hey everybody, I'm happy to announce that my new shop update is online!!
I've worked extremely hard the last week to put everything online, and even though I got the flu I managed to do it in time! 😀

What items are new in my shop?
  • Selenite pieces and sphere
  • Small crystal spheres
  • Himalayan salt lamp
  • Amethyst Clusters
  • Citrine clusters
  • Rose Quartz Piece
  • Himalayan salt scrub
  • Power Stone
  • Pendulums

  • And many more!

    I've had a lot of fun working on this update, and I also have a lot of great ideas for in the future! 😀
    I hope that you all love the items as much as I do, and remember! Every order gets a free scoop of Crystal Confetti .

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