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My Life with Endometriosis #3 – Little Update
The last few weeks my progress with my endometriosis has pretty much been stuck in the same place.
Now that I'm approved for my surgery I'm not getting any checkups anymore until surgery, which is understandable and I don't mind it that much, but I just really hate waiting!
First we thought that I would probably get my surgery somewhere between the end of January and begin February, since I already got my pre operative screening.
This wasn't the case, so after waiting a while I contacted my contact person from a research experiment that I'm taking part in (it's not really an exciting experiment, but they think it'll be helpful for them, so I was like okay I'll join) since she told me to contact her if I had any questions or if there was anything that she could do for me.
I explained to her that waiting while not knowing when I'll be getting my surgery is really hard, since I can't plan anything at the moment because of it.
She checked with people in the hospital when I'll be scheduled for surgery, and even though they can't say a specific date yet, they could tell me that I'm probably getting my surgery somewhere around April (maybe May).
I'm so happy that I at least now know when I can expect it! I also don't mind to wait at all.
My symptoms are pretty bad and they get a bit worse over time, but knowing that I'll get the surgery in a few months really eases my mind!

This means that the next couple of months I'll just go on like I'm currently doing.
I'll be working on my webshop a lot when my health allows me to, and on the days when my body decides that it's too much I'll just be resting in bed and playing some games or reading.
At least I can plan some exciting things now when my health allows me to!
The surgery is also totally going to be worth the wait! 😀

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