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-Dacha Avelin
How to Ground and Cast a Circle
This blog post covers a very important topic.
It's very important to know how to ground and protect yourself while doing spellwork.
Grounding yourself will make sure that you will be able to stay focused on your spell work and that it won't be influenced by any random (negative) thoughts.
Casting a circle will protect you from negative energies around you.
Grounding yourself
How to ground yourself in 3 steps:
1. Close your eyes and take 3 slow breaths.
2. Visualize a light in the core of your body.
3. Visualize a tendril of light growing down from your core into the ground, and visualize it meeting the energy of the earth. Draw some of the earths energy up through the tendril and bring it up to your body. Let the energy of the earth fill you.

This is great to do before magickal work to ensure that you don't drain your personal energy. It can also help you adjust your energy levels. For example if you're too low on energy you can gain some more energy from the earth and if you have too much energy you can let the earth absorb your energy.

There are of course more ways to ground yourself, but this is the way that I've learned it in the beginning and how I've done it ever since then and it works amazingly for me!
Casting a circle
How to cast a circle in 5 steps:
1. Ground yourself.
2. Use the energy that you've drawn from the earth and let it flow down the arm of your dominant hand.
3. Imagine the energy flowing out of your fingers, turn slowly in place and imagine the energy flowing out and surrounding your working area. Finish the circle by visualising the end of the string of energy meeting the other end where you started.
4. Once the ring of energy is complete visualise the energy stretching up to form walls. continue visualising the energy growing the form of a ball so that it covers the area above and below you and it surrounds you like a full sphere.
5. When your work is complete visualise all the steps, but then in reverse. So visualise the Sphere receding back into the circle, move your hand above the circle and begin where you've ended and imagine the energy flowing through your arm back into the earth.

Casting a circle is important so that your spell work won't get interfered by energies from outside of the circle.
There are of course also more ways to cast circles, but this is the way that I've learned it and still do it, and I think that it's simple but very effective way of casting a circle.

I hope this blog post was very informative, and that you've now learned how to ground yourself and how to cast a circle. If you have any questions, be sure to ask them in the comments below this post. If you have any suggestions for other topics for blog posts then you can tell those in the comments too!

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