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My Life with Endometriosis #4 – Surgery
A few days ago I got a call from the hospital, they asked me "are you available for surgery tomorrow?".
I was shocked! My surgery was scheduled for somewhere around the end of April! Of course I was available, the faster I get my surgery the better. I was scared but also very excited.

I want to start with saying that my surgery went extremely well, but it was a rollercoaster ride.
The first challenge started with putting in my drip. I'm allergic to plasters and tape, so they couldn't use those things to secure it. My veins are also very hard to find, and so they had to put the needle in me 4 times before they could finally find my vein! I'm super afraid of needles, so this was torture for me.
It was finally in, so the surgery could start!

When I woke up I immediately started crying and shaking, because all the stress, that I had before being put to sleep, came out at once. I ate some bread and I was super happy, because I didn't have any pain at all!
However I didn't know that they had put me on super strong pain medications during the surgery, so 2 hours later I started crying out in pain. Then I noticed that they had put plasters on my wounds even though that's dangerous for me because of my allergies! The nurses pulled them off (ouch) and the doctor later said that they probably had pulled them off just in time, crisis averted.

My pain didn't go down on it's own and I was crying out in pain for hours, so finally I got some morphine. It helped a bit, but I could still feel the pain. The next 24 hours were horrible, every time the pain medications wore off I started crying out in pain again! They eventually explained to me that they cut a bit in my muscle, because I'm very skinny. They had to blow my abdomen full with gas, so that they could see everything very well, but if you're too skinny they can't blow you up far enough and have to cut the muscles to release some tension. They told me I now have a stitch in the muscles underneath my belly button, and that that is what has been hurting so much. My belly button's wound also wasn't fully closed yet, so every time I moved I saw some blood coming out of it, yikes.

Exactly 24 hours after the surgery my pain was manageable (they had given me 7 injections in my belly button to make it manageable, but those are details lol). I was back on my old pain medication (tramadol) and I was able to finally go home!! I've been home for 2 days now and my pain is manageable even though the nights are difficult.

I'm extremely happy with the result of the surgery! They told me that they managed to remove all the cysts in my ovaries and they managed to remove all the endometriosis tissue!! That's the best result that I could ever have gotten! Even though I have been in a lot of pain after the surgery, my usual pain hasn't come back yet, so I'm extremely hopeful and optimistic about the results!

I will always have endometriosis, because it's a chronic illness, and there will be a chance that it grows back and that I might have to have surgery in the future again, but feeling the changes this surgery already made in my body makes me so optimistic and makes it totally worth it! I feel like I'll be able to take on the whole world after I'm recovered from my surgery!

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