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-Dacha Avelin
How to cleanse your space and your items
Cleansing is a very important part in witchcraft and it's actually just very important in general!
You can see cleansing like cleaning something, but instead of getting rid of germs you get rid of all negative energy that might have attached itself to it.
But how do we do that?

Cleansing an item
There are a lot of ways to cleans items, but we are going to talk about three of them: Smoke cleansing, water cleaning and cleansing items with your personal energy.
Tools and items are generally cleansed before usage and sometimes also after they're used.
However you can just cleanse every item when you feel like it has negative energies attached to it.

Smoke cleansing
Smoke cleansing is just exactly what it sounds like, you cleanse an item with smoke.
However usually people use herbs or incense with cleansing properties such as sage, lavender or rosemary but there are many more that you can use!
You light the incense or herbs and simply just hold your item in the smoke.
Visualise all the negative energies disappearing together with the smoke.
Just hold it in the smoke until it feels like there aren't any negative energies attached to it anymore, let your intuition guide you.
A general guideline is that small items won't take very long to cleanse but have to be cleansed very often, and big items are just the other way around.

Water cleansing
Water cleaning works the same as smoke cleansing, but you use water instead of smoke.
Be mindful what you put in water as not every item or crystal can be put in water.
It is recommended to use natural water from a river or spring, however not everybody lives near a river. I certainly don't, therefor I just use water out of the tap or out of bottles, since it's about working with the element water and... the water from the tap is well uhm.. water haha!
You can also catch rainwater to cleanse your items with or make moon water by putting some water outside during full moon.
You can cleanse your item with water by letting the water run over your item and visualise the water washing away all the negative energies.
You can visualise the negative energies as dark spots sitting on the item and then just disappearing as you hold it in the water.
Continue this until you feel that all negative energies are gone and tada! You have smoke cleansed your item!

Cleansing while using your own energy
For this you need to know how to center and ground yourself, Click Here to go to the blogpost in which I teach you how to do that.

So first center and ground yourself.
Now pick up your item and visualise the energy from your core going towards the hand that you're holding the item in.
Visualise the energy surrounding the item and cleansing it's energy from all negativities. You can also use this method to set an intention to the item. Keep this up for as long as you feel is needed to get rid of all the negative energies.

How to cleanse a space
There are a lot of ways to cleanse your space, like really... a lot.
You could use salt, candles, special water etc. but I'm going to tell you my favourite methode.

My favourite way of cleansing is by using herbs.
There are special bundles of herbs that you can use for cleansing, some include sage, or some include other types of herbs that have cleansing properties. Just use whatever feels right for you!

Now what I usually do is opening my window so that all the smoke can take the negative energy out the window.
Then I just basically walk around with the bundle of herbs and make sure that the smoke reaches all the tiny corners of the room. Again just do whatever feels right to you. I often don't even use the whole bundle because my room is very small so then I just try to put it out and safe it for another time.

Something that's very common is that the bundle of herbs stops smoking and that's fine, you can just light it again. However if it happens when I'm using it on a certain part of my room where I'm just waiting for all the negative energy to be gone then I take it as that that part is done and I can move on to the next part.

I hope that this post helps some of you out and brings some clarity! 🙂
Also just know that everybody's practice and spiritual path is different so if your way of cleansing is different from mine then that's totally okay!
Be confident in what you believe in!

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