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Connection between cats and witchcraft
This little bandit is Walter! Our new addition to the family.
Walter is a Maine Coon and currently 10 weeks old.
He's already super comfortable in his new home! He likes to play, but also loves to cuddle! His old owner called him a little prince, and that's what he is <3> A funny thing is that I immediately noticed that he loves music, and he's currently asleep after I played him to sleep with my piano.

I wanted to introduce Walter, but that made me think about the connection between cats and witchcraft.
Often when we see witches in movies they often have a black cat, but why is that?
Why do we make the connection between cats and witches?
Let's find out!

Cats through history
The first thing when I think about the history of cats is Ancient Egypt.
Cats were worshipped there! They believed that the souls of cats got the same afterlife as humans.
They welcomed all cats in their homes and the murals in ancient tombs showed that they really thought of cats as a part of their families.

In mythology all around the world cats usually got linked to female deities. Cats were seen as feminine and independent and this caused problems for them during the witch hunts in Europe.
Witches are connected with nature and they say that cats have one foot in the spiritual world and one foot in the mundane world, just like witches!
Familiars come in all forms and sizes, and it all depends on the witch and what animal they feel connected to.
It might just have been the case that witches felt the most drawn to cats due to their spiritual nature.
During the witch hunts women could be sentenced to trial just for owning a cat.
They didn't only burn witches (and non witches) but they also burned cats alongsides them!
Black cats were especially feared since it was said that they had connections with the devil.
What the cats and witches both had in common was that they were both independent and feminine, and they got killed for that.

I'm glad that people don't fear cats anymore, there are still people that dislike cats for being so independent, but there are so many cat lovers all around the world now!
In another post I'll talk more about cats as a familiar, but I think the history of cats is really interesting and it's way bigger than the summary I gave during this post!
I hope you all liked this post about the history of cats, and that you loved meeting Walter! <3>

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