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Natural moldavite necklace pendant

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Moldavite is actually a telekite created by the impact of a meteorite, but it often is also considered a gemstone.
Moldavite is created by a meteorite that hit the earth 15 million years ago, it doesn’t grow on earth so there is a limited amount of moldavite which makes it really precious.

What are the properties of moldavite?
Moldavite has healing properties such as removing bagage and emotions from past lives.
It also helps you with raising self awareness and becoming aware of feelings that make you stuck in an unhappy place.
They say that moldavite brings you back on the right pad that was intended for your soul.
Many people who own a moldavite have experienced a lot of changes in their lives after getting one, but all changes ended up being very important and good for them!

Moldavite has an extremely strong energy that can actually cause something called the moldavite flush upon touching it!
People say (and I personally have felt it too) that they started to feel a tingling sensation in their hand that spread through their whole body! It can also make you a bit light headed or gives you headaches in the beginning so it’s advised to acclimate yourself to wearing it gradually.

The pendants are +- 1,5 cm big.

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