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Rose Quartz Pendulum

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Rose Quartz has calming qualities which makes it a perfect pendulum for everybody that feels a bit nervous while using a pendulum.

Pendulums are often used to answer yes or no questions. You can buy a special pendulum cloth but you can also simply scribble down a cross and then in each square you just write yes and no across from each other.
Some people think that the pendulum connects to your intuition and that that’s how you get your answers, and others think that it connects to spirit guides. I personally think that it’s a bit of both! I think that you can choose who to work with, so you can work with your own intuition, but you can also choose to seek out your spirit guides and ask them for clarity using your pendulum.

All by all a pendulum is a perfect divination method for beginners, because you don’t really have to learn much for it! Just scribble down the cross with the yes’s and no’s, center and ground and start asking questions!
You can check if the pendulum works by first asking obvious answers that are right and wrong for example “is… my name” “is my shirt (insert color)” etc.
Always take caution and do a lot of research when you decide to use it to connect to spirits!

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