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Magick is an art; using reality and the world as its canvas.
-Dacha Avelin

Self Love Spell Jar

 7.50 inc. Vat

These self love spell jars are made with the intention to bring self love to the person who owns it.
They have rose quartz and rose petals in them (and a few other things like herbs, crystals, essential oils etc.).
Rose quartz helps with opening your heart to any type of love.
Rose petals are very often used in love spells of any sort.

The bottles are 7 by 4 cm’s and every spell jar is unique.
I currently have only 2 in stock and both are made with different candles, crystals etc. so that makes them both one of a kind.
I’ve superglued the rose quartz crystals to the bottom of the jars, this is purely for aesthetics and it makes them look nice!

2 in stock

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